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Florida is one state that is well known for boating!

As many of you are aware, the water ways here in Florida are extremely busy with all different shapes and sizes of boats. It is common for a group of boats to drop anchor and tie up next to one another. Others are racing around on jet skis, floating on tubes, sunbathing, drinking, partying, and of course people are swimming in the water. People enjoy all the water has to offer here in South Florida!

Boating Accidents happen just about every day in the state of Florida. Always be alert and aware of your surroundings while you are out on a boat having a good time with others.

Boating Accident

Here are a couple examples of Boating Accidents:

- Vessel Capsizing

- Collision With Another Vessel or Structure

- Falling Overboard

- Flooded Vessel

- Drowning

- Driving While Intoxicated

Have you been involved in a boating accident?

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