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- Have you suffered from severe BURNS?

Always be sure to immediately seek medical attention right after a burn accident occurs.

Once you are treated by a medical expert make sure you document the accident, where, when and how it exactly occurred. Contact an attorney that can properly advise you and help fight to get you the compensation that you may be rightfully entitled to.

Here is a list of different types of burns:

  • Thermal Burns

  • Radiational Burns

  • Friction Burns

  • Electrical Burns

  • Chemical Burns

Burn Injuries, Consult for free with an accident attorney here at The Sheldrick Law Firm 5614407775.

Do you have scars, skin issues or any form of injuries due to being burnt?

If you answered YES,

call The Sheldrick Law Firm at (561) 440-7775 for a free consultation regarding the accident you were involved in.

Simply ask us how we can help you with your burn accident.


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Phone: (561) 440-7775

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Location: Florida - New Jersey - New York


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