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Collecting on Diminished Value & Loss of Use Claims

Having been involved in an accident can be an overwhelming experience. While the physical and emotional healing are a priority, there is also a legal side to consider. One of the most overlooked components of an accident claim is diminished value, which can result in tens of thousands of dollars in payouts. That's why it's important to seek a free consultation with a personal injury and accident attorney here at The Sheldrick Law Firm, who can help you maximize your potential payout through diminished value claims and loss of use claims.

Diminished value claim attorney

Diminished value is the difference between the car’s pre-accident value and its post-repair market value. This is where attorney Kayla Sheldrick comes into play. Ms. Sheldrick understands that in certain cases, such as Florida, insurers may have to provide compensation for reduced resale value even if the car was properly repaired. Kayla will also demand that the insurer covers any/all additional costs associated with diminished value such as lost wages due to not being able to go to work or increased transportation costs because a suitable replacement vehicle is not available after the accident.

Insurance companies do not always tell their customers about their right to file for diminished value or loss of use claims but it is possible to receive compensation for these losses when filing with an attorney. Kayla Sheldrick will provide you with critical information about how much money you may be entitled to collect on your diminished value claim and make sure that you get what is rightfully yours from the insurance company. With years of diminished value and loss of use experience, The Sheldrick Law Firm has extensive knowledge when it comes to filing these types of claims and will ensure that all necessary steps are taken during this process.

Our team is dedicated to helping our clients understand every aspect of their diminished value or loss of use claims, including how insurance adjusters determine fair payment amounts. We know that no two cases are exactly alike and will tailor our approach accordingly to meet your individual needs. No matter your situation, our attorney will provide guidance, support, and representation throughout the duration of your case.

When considering options after an accident, don't overlook the possibility of collecting on a diminished value or loss of use claim by seeking out help from The Sheldrick Law Firm's legal team! We have an extremely high success rate for being able to collect on our diminished value and loss of use claims. We offer a free consultations so that you can learn more about your rights after experiencing this traumatic event. Don't leave money on the table; contact us today (561) 440-7775.

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