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1. - An act or crime of driving a vehicle while affected by drugs and/or alcohol.

2. - A person who is arrested for or convicted of driving under the influence.

Example: Our good friend was arrested for d.u.i.

Driving Under The Influence
DUI Attorney in Sarasota Florida, The Sheldrick Law Firm

In the state of Florida you only have 10 days from the date of your DUI arrest to possibly utilize your drivers license. For those remaining ten days you may only operate your motor vehicle for business purposes such as going to and from work. Depending on your legal DUI matter after the ten days pass, your drivers license could either be reinstated with no consequence, suspended but still the possibility of being able to drive for work purposes or could end up being completely suspended indefinitely. These are just a few potential outcomes that could occur but by no means are a guarantee for your matter.

Have you been arrested and/or charged with driving under the influence?

People commonly refer to "driving under the influence" as "D.U.I.". The Sheldrick Law Firm can handle all different types of DUI charges whether it be your first DUI ever, your second DUI charge within five years or even DUI with serious bodily injury! Many people think that a DUI charge is the same or similar to a standard traffic citation. It is not, in fact a DUI can result in a very serious criminal traffic charge and/or charges leading up to days, months and even possibly years in jail! If you are in the process of dealing with a recent DUI arrest, please reach out to our law firm at no cost to you for a free case evaluation regarding your Driving Under The Influence arrest. Call today 561-440-7775, our legal team is available and ready to best advise you on your current DUI matter!

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