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A head-on collision is when two cars that are traveling in the opposite direction collide front-end to front-end with one another.

Head-on collisions can be severe and even fatal depending on the severity of the facts of the accident.

Crucial life changing factors of a fatal car accident could include, but are not limited to:

- The speed at which the vehicles were traveling when they struck one another head-on.

- Whether or not all passengers in the vehicles were wearing their seatbelt at the time of the accident.

- The body position of the passengers that were in the vehicle at the moment of impact.

Head-On Collision

HEAD-ON Collisions can’t always be avoided, but you can take extra precautions to help minimize the risk of it happening to yourself. Follow these three tips to help avoid car accidents, specifically fatal car accidents!

1. Always maintain the proper position in your seat, and assure that your seatbelt remains on and buckled at all times while driving a vehicle or as a passenger in a moving vehicle.

2. Drive the speed limit, and avoid using the passing lane other than when needed to pass another vehicle. When passing another vehicle, remember to use your turn signals.

3. Do not attempt to use your cell phone or multi-task while operating a motor vehicle. The most common cause of car accidents is Distracted Driving!

Please drive safe and always stay alert!

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