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Supercars are also commonly referred to as exotic cars.

Supercar is a loosely used term to define high performance street legal sports cars. Along with high performance, comes high price tags. When a Supercar is involved in an accident, there are many factors that a personal injury attorney should take into consideration when representing their client.

-  Make sure proper medical attention is received!

- Preserve any & all evidence!

- Document the climate conditions!

- Identify the driver at fault!

- Request insurance policies!

Once the attorney has all necessary documents in their possession, they will then follow their firms protocol. Two extremely important claims that are often overlooked are Loss Of Use & Diminished Value Claims.

Supercar Accidents

If you were involved in an accident and your supercar was damaged due to the negligence of another driver, you are entitled to be fairly compensated. You are to be made whole for each and every day that you are without your vehicle. This is true even after the repairs are made and the at fault driver’s insurance company paid for your vehicle to be fixed. After a collision, your vehicle now has an “accident” permanently labeled on the automobile's title. When you go to sell or trade-in your supercar, you will be financially penalized, offered less money, due to the accident appearing on your vehicles title. You are entitled to the diminished value and the loss of use for the time that you were without your supercar!

Here is a way to give you an idea of the approximate Loss Of Use value for your supercar…

1. Contact your local exotic rental car dealer.

2. Find out the daily rate, weekly rate & monthly rate of the same / similar like value to your own supercar.

3. Count how many days you have been without your exotic car. (Date of accident - Delivery date after all repairs are made)

4. Take the amount of days that you were without your vehicle and multiply it by your vehicles rental rate.

This is an approximate value of what your Loss Of Use Claim should look like. There are additional factors we use to calculate a more precise value so numbers are subject to change.

Whether it’s a fender bender that only left a few scratches or a multi car pile-up accident, call us today for a free consultation at (561) 440-7775!

       Here at The Sheldrick Law Firm we file any and all claims that are necessary to getting our client the financial compensation that they deserve! Don’t hire a law firm who won’t fight for all of your damages, hire one with experience and knowledge in car accident claims!

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