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According to Customers who are issued a Uniform Traffic Citation have the option to pay the citation, contest the citation or take a driver improvement course. Customers have 30 days to make this election with the clerk of court listed on the citation. Failure to elect within 30 days may result in additional fines along with a suspension of the driving privilege.

Traffic tickets and driving citations

Do you want to hire an attorney to contest your traffic ticket that you, a friend or a family member have recently received? The Sheldrick Law Firm will stand up for your rights and fight for our clients best interests! Call attorney Kayla Sheldrick for a free legal consultation today.

Know who your attorney is and their background before just retaining any ordinary law firm.


1. SPEEDING TICKET: A ticket issued for driving above the speed limit.

2. RED LIGHT CAMERA VIOLATION: When the driver of a vehicle goes through a red light and is summons based on digital camera footage showing evidence of the motor vehicle going through the traffic light while the light was red.

- Wikipedia Definition- Red Light Camera: is a type of traffic enforcement camera that captures image of vehicle that has entered an intersection in spite of the traffic signal indicating red (during the red phase).

3. CARELESS DRIVING: According to the Florida statute 316.1925, the definition of careless driving is operating a vehicle without the careful and prudent regard for the safety of others and their property.

Yes, a careless driving ticket could lead to receiving points on your license which will then drive up your insurance rates! Not only that you may also incur high ticket fines along with additional tickets from the same incident.

Accidents happen and whether you are at fault or not, speeding tickets, cell phone tickets, driving with a suspended license, expired tags, careless driving or even driving through a stop sign, allow the Sheldrick law firm to best represent your legal rights! Call now for a free consultation with an attorney 561-440-7775.

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