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A written contract is an agreement that is printed and signed by two or more parties. A written and signed contract then becomes legally binding and holds more value than any oral agreement.

A written contract isn’t necessarily only for business, family and friends also tend to use written contracts. You might be asking why is it necessary to have a written contract between friends and family. It isn’t a legal requirement to have a written contract but it does help protect both parties in the event there is a disagreement.

A written contract describes what is agreed upon & it also proves that at one time there was an agreement.

Why you should have a written contract! Hire attorney Kayla Sheldrick on behalf of The Sheldrick Law Firm for all your contract needs.

Top 3 reasons why you should have a written contract…

  • Proof of Agreement

  • Proves Specifications & Details

  • Provides Additional Protection

In the event of a disagreement or a breach of contract, you should always use the written contract for your protection and/or your defense. If the addressed parties can’t come to terms based on the previous written contract, it is highly advised to retain an attorney for your contract matter!

Contracts attorney Kayla Sheldrick has experience with drafting contracts, reviewing contracts and also defending contracts. When retaining a contract attorney be sure that they are aware of the key details to your contract, why the contract was created, if the contract was breached and if yourself and the additional party/parties are at a disagreement.

Do you have a question or a concern about a contract? If so, call The SHELDRICK Law Firm today at 561-440-7775 and speak with a lawyer immediately!


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