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When hiring an accident attorney make sure you know that they are the correct lawyer for the accident case.

Have you been injured or hurt from an accident and want to speak to an attorney but just don't know what to do first? Call the Sheldrick law firm right now for a free consultation!

Car Accident

Boat Accident

Truck Accident

Slip & Fall Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Common Car Accident Injuries

- Traumatic Brain Injuries

- Broken/Fractured Bones

- Whiplash

Car Accidents cause a variety of injuries and losses

- Traumatic Brain Injuries

- Medical Bills, future and past expenses.

- Lost wages due to being injured and not being able to return to work.

- Pain and suffering

- Permanent injuries

If yourself, a friend or a loved one has been involved in an accident call and speak directly to a lawyer at our Florida Law Firm. A Personal injury attorney is here and waiting for your call! Accident attorney Kayla Sheldrick will give you the legal advice you might need, call 561-440-7775.

The Sheldrick Law Firm

Personal Injury Law Firm

Boca Raton & Sarasota, Florida

Phone: 561-440-7775


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