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After being involved in an accident there are several things that could be wrong with you that you don't even realize! An injury can be life changing and it's important that you hire the right lawyer to be on your side guiding and representing you the entire way through the process.

Take a look at a few different types of accidents / injuries that occur on a regular basis…

The Sheldrick Law Firm - Accidents and Injuries

-Traumatic brain injuries

- Back injuries

- Internal injuries

- Laceration, bruises & internal bruising

- Post traumatic stress disorder

These types of injuries happen everyday and when you least expect it!


Car Accidents are not always your fault!

When driving on your way to work, to a restaurant, heading to the grocery store or even driving to jury duty you can find yourself hurt or injured in a car accident that isn’t your fault. As safe as we intend to drive, you always have to be careful of the other drivers on the road. You never know if somebody was drinking and driving, speeding on their way late to work or even just in a rush before the local store closes. There are people driving recklessly and carelessly throughout the day no matter what time of the day it is so always be aware of your surroundings while driving and do everything that you can do to prevent a car accident. A very common reason why people are involved in a car accident is due to texting and driving. If you are a distracted driver or have been involved in an accident with another person who has caused a car accident due to texting and driving, we’re sure you understand how scary a car accident can be! It’s not right that you are the one who has to suffer in pain with injuries due to somebody else’s fault.

Florida’s personal Injury attorney Kayla Sheldrick is a lawyer who will always represent you and fight to get you the compensation that you deserve! Call The Sheldrick Law Firm today 561-440-7775 for a free legal consultation.


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