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A claim attorney specializes in cases involving insurance law and insurance settlements. They represent the company or client in the negotiation and settlement processes, acting as their attorney in court. ... Claim attorneys usually work in insurance companies and law firms that represent insurers or claimants according to

Claims attorney is who you need when filing an insurance dispute.
Claims Attorney

Hire the correct attorney that you feel will best settle your insurance claim.

The Sheldrick law firm will do everything that we can to help settle your claim and get you the best results possible. Insurance companies do everything that they can do to deny a valid claim, thats why you hire Kayla Sheldrick to represent you and fight on your behalf to get the insurance claim that you are entitled to.

Our attorney is committed to helping people like you settle your insurance claim disputes.

Here's a short list of insurance claims that go through the court system frequently.

- Accidental death

- Cast iron pipes (Frequent in Florida's 1958 Built Homes)

- Building damage / collapse

- Business property losses

- Bad faith claims

- Water damage claims

- PIP claims

- Life insurance benefits

- Disability claims

- Time share owner

- Condo Owner

- Homeowners claims

- Hurricane damage

- Medical malpractice

Contact The Sheldrick Law Firm

If you feel as if your insurance company or a third party insurance company is not treating you fairly, pick up the phone and call our professional claims attorney to see if we can help you. 561-440-7775

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