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A general practice lawyer or a general practice attorney is a professional in the field of law that has the capability to handle a wide variety of legal matters without necessarily being specialized in just one specific area of the law.

The Sheldrick Law Firm, General Practice Attorney

The phrase “general practice” is used because it includes and covers a wide variety of the law field. There are attorneys who specialize in niche areas of the law and only seek to practice in that specific field and then there are general practice attorneys who cover multiple fields of the law but don't consider themselves an expert in only one genre.

General practice attorneys can represent a client in the court room, can create and negotiate contracts, evaluate and understand family/divorce law, defend a client in a law suite and can provide legal assistance involving just about any legal issue that may arise in a persons daily life. General practice lawyers are great to handle more simple and less complex types of cases. It is common that younger attorneys tend to begin as a general practice lawyer until they choose an area of the law that they will consider specializing in.

Still wondering...

what does a general practice attorney do?

General practice attorneys handle general and common types of legal issues.

Here is a list of examples that a general practice attorney can provide you legal services and support in:

  1. Family Law Cases

  2. Leases

  3. Neighborhood Disputes

  4. Personal Injury Cases

  5. Business Transactions

  6. Real Estate

  7. Criminal Cases

  8. Court Representation & Litigation

  9. Traffic Violations

  10. General Consulting

Here is an example of the benefit of retaining a general practice attorney

Depending on the scenario, you will have an upper hand and advantage in working with a general practice attorney as opposed to a specialized attorney. In the event you are ever faced with a common legal issue that may over lap in different areas of the law, you may be better off working with a general practice lawyer. For example, a divorce case may change and evolve into a criminal case for conjugal violence. A general practice lawyer who understands criminal law and family law will most likely be a better choice for you as you will have one lawyer handling both matters.

The general practice lawyer understands both sides of the law therefor will better understand the intricate dynamic between family law and criminal law. In the event you choose to work with a specialized lawyer, you will need to hire a specialized family lawyer and also a specialized criminal lawyer. Going this route for a general case is not the most efficient way to approach your situation and on top of it all, it can be very expensive funding two separate attorneys. Of course every case is unique in its own way, though for simple repetitious cases you might find it better to work with only one general practice attorney such as Kayla M. Sheldrick on behalf of The Sheldrick Law Firm.

Whatever your legal matter might be, it is in your best interest to have a free case review done by a professional lawyer. Allow us to get you connected to an attorney who will be able to best advise you each and every step through your legal process. Contact us today by calling 561-440-7775.

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